Investigator: Accident and Serious Incidents

Client South African Civil Aviation Authority
Reference # AIID
Published 22/05/2017
Contract Type Permanent
Location Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
To promote aviation safety by investigating aircraft accidents and incidents with the objective to prevent their re-occurrence by proposing safety recommendations and prevention programs.
Job Functions Investigation & Compliance
Industries Aviation
On-site Accident/Incident Investigations
Execute on-site investigations of fatal and non-fatal aircraft accidents and incidents to gather factual information pertaining to the occurrence.

Office-based Investigations of Occurrences
Conduct and participate in office-based operational and engineering aspects of accident and incident investigations.
Report Accidents and serious incidents to ICAO when needed.

Maintenance and Obtainment of Specialist Skills
Keep abreast and remain proficient in specialist skills and new developments of technology.

Production of Accurate and Concise Reports
Produce accurate and concise reports of accidents and incidents. Presentation of safety reports.
Assessment of Junior Investigators.

Proposal of Safety Recommendations and Accident Prevention Programs
With reference to the findings of the investigations propose safety recommendations and possible accident prevention programs.

Project a satisfactory image of the SACAA to all stakeholders. Provide industry feedback to the Authority.
Education (Formal Qualification required) - Minimum
Grade 12 or N3, AME, Pilot and ATC or BSc Engineering or Engineering Diploma, Driver's license.

Legal (blasting certificate, etc.), Advanced Accident Investigation course and Speciality courses. Pilot License/AME License.

Experience (Minimum Experience required - type and number of years)
Pilot or Qualified Engineer or SACAA Inspectorate 5 Year(s)

Job Closing Date 31/05/2017
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