BI.Data Scientist and Modelling Analyst

Company Digital Outsource Services
Reference # JDC
Published 06/11/2017
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Century City, Western Cape, South Africa
This role requires a motivated, energetic and inquisitive individual, possessing a genuine love of numbers and the value that can be derived from interrogating and manipulating them. The successful candidate will be a proud Excel / VBA / SQL / R / etc. geek, ideally already well versed in the dark arts of data science (or who will take great pleasure in learning fast) and impatient to apply those skills to analyzing and working with data. Add in responsibility for scenario modelling our company’s complex global business and this is a dream role for anybody who loves the intellectual stimulation of using their numeracy to solve significant commercial challenges.
Job Functions Analytics
Industries Ecommerce,Information Technology
Duties will include but not be limited to:
Design and development of predictive analytics models for commercial benefit, followed by the integration and implementation of the outcomes of such models into relevant business processes
Further development and enhancement of existing Excel + VBA model of the business for the projection and analysis of scenarios for market entry and expansion, marketing campaign initiation and extension, capital and resource allocation, etc.
Analysis of data from various sources in order to ensure that the business acts proactively on the information at its disposal
Obtaining, manipulating and analyzing business data to derive model input and assumptions
Hypothesizing, testing and comparing projected scenarios for the growth of existing business / development of new markets / etc.
Highlighting potentially unprofitable scenarios in order to determine remedial action where necessary / possible
Monitoring of subsequent actual outcomes relative to model assumptions in order to determine likelihood of goal achievement (particularly in respect of new markets) and / or need for changes in tactics and strategy

Essential Requirements:
4+ years of relevant work experience (e.g. actuarial modelling / data science / predictive analytics / etc.) in areas of significant commercial value, regardless of academic background
Undergraduate degree in any of the fields listed above (or something else substantially similar); AND
1+ years of relevant work experience (in the fields listed above, or similar); AND
1+ years’ experience with appropriate technical tools (as listed above, or similar)
Job Requirements:
4+ years of experience solving significant problems in data science / predictive analytics / actuarial modelling / etc.
Completion of (or meaningful progress in) post-graduate studies in fields with substantial bias towards computational numeracy (e.g. actuarial science, data science, statistics, computer science, mathematics, engineering, etc.)
Demonstrable expertise in and several years of hands-on experience with relevant tools (SQL / Excel / VBA / SQL / R etc.)
Clear track record of deriving commercial value, with solid verbal and written communication skills

Personal Competencies:
Pro-active self-educator with strong desire to continually improve knowledge and skills through self-driven research and experimentation
Highly self-motivated, comfortable taking initiative and at times working with minimal instruction (especially when breaking new ground)
Resourceful, able to solve problems and implement solutions where others aren’t always able to assist
Logical and analytical, able to design and build scalable and replicable systems that balance short-term needs with long-term stability
Excellent time-management and planning skills, unflappable under deadline and stress
Excellent interpersonal & communication skills, particularly when working with others on different continents / in different time zones
Adaptive and flexible, comfortable changing direction when the business requires
Commercial, always focused on adding long-term value
Job Closing Date 30/11/2017
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