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Graphic Designer

Company Telesure Group Services
Reference # Graphic Designer
Published 11/01/2019
Location South Africa
The Graphic Designer: Contributes to the organisational goals by interpreting and implementing the creative vision across a broad range of projects ranging from digital, social, print, and motion across various brands across the group.

Job Functions Marketing
Industries Insurance
•Responsible for understanding various visual languages of each brand and apply it to get a constant application across platforms based on best practice per platform.
•Ensuring a clear understanding of different audiences and their response styles to different images ensuring an integration of this understanding into designs.
•Responsible to implement concepts across various formats
•Responsible for the design of all creative outputs included but not limited to banners, mailers
•Proficient in web, social media, print design and video production
•Ability to create artistic, creative displays and write headline copy
•Ability to manage production workflow, timelines and schedules
•Provides creative input in developing client and new business materials
•Ensures accuracy of all projects and relevant copy and design updates through various rounds of materials
•Responsible for online creative for various brands
•Responsible for ensuring that designs meet specifications as per the client brief
•Work within boundaries of deadlines, effectively managing their workload and changing priorities in order to meet deadlines and satisfy clients.
•Willing to take criticism and change designs based on the needs or wants of a client or opinions of members of the design team.
•Responsible for keeping abreast of design software, programmes and platforms and able to quickly learn these and incorporate them design work
•Designer for a broad range of projects including print communication, packaging, digital and moving image.
•Creation of digital design and assets for use on website and social media platforms.
•Responsible for maintaining a high visual standard Matches sets and assist others in maintaining this standard.
•Creation of presentation and mock-ups to present ideas/executions for approval.
•Deliver the Telesure Service Way through personal effort and through others.
•Deliver on TCF principles in alignment with regulatory requirements

Essential Competency Requirements

Adhering to Principles and Values - Cultural Interpersonal Effectiveness:
Relates well to people in a diverse environment.
Promotes and defends equal opportunities.
Builds diverse teams.
Encourages organisational and individual responsibility towards the community and the environment.

Adhering to Principles and Values - Adhering to Principles and Values:
Upholds ethics and values.
Demonstrates integrity.

Learning and Researching:
Rapidly learns new tasks and commits information to memory quickly.
Demonstrates an immediate understanding of newly presented information.
Gathers comprehensive information to support decision making.
Encourages an organisational learning approach (learns from successes and failures and seeks feedback).

Planning & Organising:
Sets clearly defined objectives.
Plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances.
Manages time effectively.
Identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks.
Monitors performance against deadlines and milestones.

Delivering Results & Meeting Customer Expectations - Customer Orientation / Telesure Service Way:
Focussing on customer needs and satisfaction as per the Telesure Service Way.

Delivering Results & Meeting Customer Expectations - Results Focus / Driving for Results:

Sets high standards for quality and quantity
Monitors and maintains quality and productivity.
Consistently achieves project goals.
Works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way.

Following Instructions & Procedures:
Appropriately follows instructions from others without unnecessarily challenging authority.
Follows procedures and policies.
Keeps to schedules.
Arrives punctually for work and meetings.
Complies with legal obligations and safety requirements of the role (e.g. FAIS etc.).

Working with People:
Shows respect for the views and contributions of others.
Reconciles conflict.
Builds team spirit.
Listens, supports and cares for others.
Consults others and shares information and expertise with them.
Adapts to the team and fits in well.

Applying Expertise & Technology:
Applying specialist and detailed technical expertise.
Uses technology to achieve work objectives.
Develops job knowledge and expertise (theoretical and practical) through continual professional development.
Demonstrates an understanding of different Telesure departments and functions.

Coping with Pressure & Setbacks - Resilience / Emotional Intelligence:
Maintains a positive outlook at work.
Works productively in a pressurised environment.
Keeps emotions under control during difficult situations.
Handles criticism well and learns from it.
Balances the demands of a work life and a personal life.
Coping with pressure and setbacks.
Self-awareness EQ / Self-management EQ.
Interpersonal / Social EQ.

Desirable Competency Requirements:

Analysing - Information Processing / Analysing / Problem Solving:
Analyses numerical data and all other sources of information, to break them into component parts, patterns and relationships.
Probes for further information or greater understanding of a problem.
Makes rational judgements from the available information and analysis.
Demonstrates an understanding of how one issue may be a part of a much larger system.

Adapting & Responding to Change:
Adapts to changing circumstances.
Tolerates ambiguity (uncertainty / complexity).
Accepts new ideas and change initiatives.
Adapts interpersonal style to suit different people and / or situations.
Shows an interest in new experiences.

Deciding and Initiating Action :
Takes responsibility for actions, projects and / or people.
Initiates and generates activity and introduces changes into work processes.
Makes quick, clear decisions which may include tough choices or considered risks.
Applies sound judgement.
Comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions, using effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions.

Relating & Networking - Develop Relationships and Networks:
Easily establishes good relationships with customers and staff.
Builds wide and effective networks of contacts.

Knowledge and Experience Requirements:

Level of Education:

•Grade 12 (Standard 10).
•Bachelor’s degree in Advertising Design, Graphic Design or Communication Design.


•Strong traditional design background and the ability to apply to digital.
•2 – 5 years experience in a related position.

Knowledge of:
•Advanced knowledge of Apple Macintosh operating system.
•Advanced knowledge Adobe Creative Cloud software.
•Knowledge of Microsoft Office products and experience in designing custom/branded PowerPoint templates.
•Proficient in web, social media and print design; knowledge of video production is a plus.
•UI & UX understanding.

•Advance in Adobe Creative Cloud software; Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
•Knowledge video editing and animation software, Adobe’s After Effects, Adobe Premiere.
•Photo-editing skills.
•Vector generating.
•Layout skills.
•HTML Coding.
•Apple Keynote.
•Traditional typography and print skills.
•Detail orientation.
•Sense of urgency.
•Self motivated.
•Excellent organisational skills.
•Coping with pressure.
•Communication skills.
•Interpersonal skills.

The Telesure Service Way Requirements

Make it Easy to Connect:
Listens attentively (does not interrupt) to understand.
emotional state and b) customer’s need.
Asks clarifying questions to ensure need is clearly understood.
Calmly accepts constructive feedback (remains calm and engaged).
Responds appropriately to cues on type of customer and emotional state.

Make it Easy to Understand:
Explains compliance requirements, policy and/or services clearly and in logical steps.
Requests upfront all information necessary in order to solve the customer need/problem.
Explains why additional information may be required.
Shares the reasons behind information needs and / or policy and service structures.

Make it Easy to be Kept Informed:
Explains the steps in the process clearly – what will happen, what must the client do / expect.
Confirms with the customer when and how feedback would typically be given.
Agrees time and method of feedback that is convenient for customer.
Follows through on giving feedback in the manner agreed.
Proactively provides information so as to avoid unnecessary comebacks .
Explains clearly the reason why, if a customer is to be put on hold/transferred.

Make it Easy to Consider It Done:
Honours commitments to others.
Meets important goals and deadlines.
Takes responsibility for own mistakes and correcting them.

Job Closing Date 18/01/2019
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