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Membership Sales Consultant- Cycle Lab Active Lynnwood

Company MoreCorp
Reference # Membership Sales Consultant- Cycle Lab Active Lynnwood
Published 29/04/2019
Location South Africa
The Cycle Lab Active is part of the MoreCorp group and boasts with being the largest cycling club in South Africa.

We are looking for Junior, Intermediate and Senior Membership Sales Consultants for the Cycle Lab Active Club, based at the Cycle Lab Lynnwood store.
Job Functions Sales
Industries Sales,Sport & Recreation
We offer employees a working environment where their hobby or passion becomes their career in a fun and outdoor setting.

You will be responsible for:
•Selling memberships and affiliated products to achieve your monthly budget and sales goals
•Effective product marketing and promotions
•Gathering potential leads and networking
•Sales administration
•Department and member liaison
To be considered for this role, you will need past experience in direct sales, a passion for cycling and an outgoing personality. The ideal candidate should have the following background and skill set:

•Experience in direct sales
•Networking and following up on leads
•Proven track record of reaching or exceeding sales targets

Cycling skills:
•Candidate MUST have a passion for cycling
•General knowledge of golf in order to effectively sell product and assist with client queries

•Presentable and well-groomed
•Outgoing person with strong people skills
•Excellent verbal & written communication skills as well as presentation skills
•Tenacity to follow through with a task and explore all possible avenues
•Ability to use own initiative
•Show empathy
•Ability to handle rejection and not take it personally
•Goal-orientated and self-starter

Read more about us: www.cyclelab.co.za / www.morecorp.co.za
Job Closing Date 30/06/2019
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