South Africa

Research Lab Technician

Company Africa Health Research Institute
Reference # DUR/LABTECH/KLO/SEP/2019
Published 13/09/2019
24 Months
Location Durban, South Africa
Duration _2_Years
We offer a Laboratory technician position with great opportunity and potential to study a novel area of HIV infection through unique human tissue samples in state-of-the-art research facilities with access to new technologies through international collaborations. This position will have the opportunity to transition into Post Doc if requirements are met.
Job Functions Research
Industries Academic,Healthcare,Ngo / Non-Profit,Pharmaceutical / Medical / Healthcare / Hygiene,Research,Science & Technology
Our lab’s research is centered around immune responses to HIV infection with a particular focus on immune subsets located within human tissue. This work aims to better understand the immune responses located in human tissue that are directly related to disease pathology. This work is based on access to human tissue through clinical research sites in and around Durban.

Some duties include:
1. Oversee clinical cohorts on maintain track of participant data
2.BSL2 processing of primary human samples (blood, lymphoid tissue, mucosal tissue, liver).
3.Assist in setting up and running BSL2 experiments.
4.Running laboratory assays including:
-multiparameter flow cytometry
-Cell sorting (BD FACSfusion)
-RNAsequencing protocols (population and single cell assays)
-Support on Histology
-ELISA and other Luminex based assays.
5.Maintain good laboratory practice
6.Responsible for maintaining and organizing some laboratory materials, including many different types of molecular reagents.
7.Coordinates the sharing of reagents and collaboration with internal and overseas laboratories.
8.Assist with sourcing and ordering supplies for the laboratory
Minimum Qualification
1.BSc in Biology or related life science discipline

Minimum Experience
1.3 years relevant laboratory experience is desired
2.Human tissue culture experience
3.Advanced experience with flow cytometry
4.Knowledge on cell sorting
5.Molecular biology and sterile techniques
6.Computer skills – Spreadsheets, word processing and PowerPoint
Job Closing Date 26/09/2019
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