South Africa

Alterations/Seamstress/Tailor - Parkview

Company Bride & Co Special Occasions (Pty) Ltd
Reference # HRSPK01
Published 11/02/2020
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
The leading bridal, special occasions and men's formal wear business in SA is embarking on a recruitment drive for Alterations/Seamstress/Tailor staff for their store in Parkview, Pretoria store.
Job Functions Retail,Sales
Industries Retail
Main duties and responsibilities
•Alter garments, including gowns, shawls, reconstruction, bodice additions, veils and any merchandise offered at Bride & Co & Eurosuit, as indicated on alteration dockets or as instructed by your superior.
•All alterations are to be checked with the customer and the customer is to sign the alterations slip that he/she is happy with the work completed
•You may be required to make garments using patterns or existing garments as reference
•Pattern making is essential, as you will be required to make up lace bodices if a customer requests this.
•Beading is an added advantage, as this is requested from clients from time to time
•You will be required to make samples or a ‘toile’ out of cheaper fabric, before cutting on expensive fabrics
•You will be required to go with your customers during lunch hours to purchase necessary fabrications if need be
•You would use a machine for most of your sewing instructions or requirements, but finish detailed work, such as beading, motives or embroidery by hand
•Giving advice on which combination of fabrics and patterns may give the best results
•Adapting an existing pattern, or producing new patterns for the client
•Tacking fabric pieces together for a fitting
•Fitting a garment and making adjustments to create a perfect fit
•Working out the cost of work, taking into account the fabric, trimmings and time needed
•Using a pattern or free hand experience


•You may be required by management to transfer between stores to assist with back log. These stores will be within the province where you live.
•Please note that your duties may vary from time to time and that you shall be required to comply with any reasonable request made of you during working hours.
•3 + years’ experience required
•Well groomed, as you are required to assist customers over our peak periods and weekends
•Great communication skills and to deal with customers in a polite and tactful manner
•Must produce strong sewing skills and an acute understanding of dress design, alteration and reconstruction.
•Must have a firm understanding of garments, alteration, reconstruction, styling and fabrication
•Meticulous and neat workmanship is essential
•Must be a peoples person, and approachable
•Ability to communicate clearly with clients
•Communication, creative and detail orientated
•Problem solving
•Read and understand how to use a tape measure
•Must be able to work on a straight machine, hem roll machine, blind stitch machine & overlocker
•Must be familiar with industrial machines
•Must be able to thread all the above mentioned machines
•Experience in bridal attire, suits (hire & retail) essential and dress making experience an added advantage
•Must be able to do beadwork
•Must be able to make a complete bodice from scratch
•Time management
•The ability to complete a minimum of 4-10 garments daily, depending on the amount of alterations required.
•Courses in dress making / alterations / tailoring will help develop the skills you need, however experience in this field is essential.
•Discussing the clients requirements
•Able to work flexible hours
Job Closing Date 21/02/2020
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