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Corporate Financial Coach - On Site

Company Bayport Financial Services
Reference # BAYR1135
Published 12/02/2020
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa

The Financial Coach is mainly responsible to provide Money Solutions to Corporate in line with Bayport’s
Corporate / Employee financial wellness offerings.
Coach to effectively engage with corporate employees on site, evaluating their financial situations, detecting
distress, coaching those whilst providing loans or debt rehabilitation solutions in line with their distressed
levels and affordability.
Further educate and train employees with basic financial information and tools that will enable them to
implement good financial habits and disciplines keeping them financially healthy and stable.
Coach to be a brand ambassador that must engage with Corporates and Stakeholders effectively assisting
the Bayport Corporate Relations Managers with brand awareness, corporate wellness days, on- site
coaching and training.
Ensure that all offerings are done in compliance with corporate agreement, Bayport company policy and
procedures and executed effectively in line with customer affordability.
Coach must also be able to engage effectively with all internal and external parties linked to the Money
Solutions offerings to ensure the effective execution of rehabilitation offerings and best outcomes which
includes 3rd parties, payroll administrators, and creditors, corporate’s, attorneys and internal stakeholders.
Job Functions Administration,Advisory,Analysis,Banking,Business Development,Call Centre,Client Services,Communications,Compliance & Regulatory Affairs,Coordinator,Counselling,Creative,Data Capturing,Data Management,Finance,Legal,Management,Operations,Quality Control,Research,Site Manager
Industries Financial Services
Strategic Initiatives:
*Establish the Corporate Financial Wellness Solutions offerings whiles being a brand ambassador
in all Corporate, Employees, 3rd parties and creditors’ engagements.
*Ensure that sales and collections targets are reached through effective payroll collections.

Employee Engagement and Offerings:
*Provide financial wellness training to groups or individuals on site promoting the Bayport brand
and financial wellness while offering Bayport’s financial solutions.
*Identify financial literacy training gaps at Corporates and provide Money Solutions with potential
*Attend and support all Corporate Financial Wellness events to assist with the branding and selling
of Money Solution offerings.
*Create regular on site visibility and branding in order to create awareness of the Money Solutions
*Effectively consult with employees on site or telephonically whilst evaluating their financial
situation, detecting stress levels/reasons and finding solutions in line with their personal
circumstances and affordability.
*Purpose is to assist distressed and over-indebted employees to reduce their debt, enhance their
current financial situation whilst helping them to implement good borrowing behaviours.
*Negotiate settlement discounts with creditors, 3rd parties in order to find an amicable loan offering
or offer alternative debt solution recommendations that will assist distressed/over-indebted
employees to be rehabilitated and financially healthy.
*Offer preventative solutions, information and tools that will help them to become and stay financial
healthy i.e. budgeting/tracking tools/goal setting and information.
*Effective employee engagement keeping them informed on progress as well as Money Solutions
operational team throughout the process to ensure resolutions.

*After customer evaluation and consultation, capture applications on the AWE system with required
documents and information.
*Perform frequent quality control checks to ensure compliancy and that policies are followed.
*Forward all documents to Money Solutions and follow up to ensure resolution.
*Follow up and keep customer informed of progress and assist with any queries.
*Assist with the request of Money Solutions for additional documentation and or information or
signing of the agreements,
*Evaluate and update daily/monthly spreadsheets, reporting/analytics and stats to ensure
operational efficiencies.
*Assist with Employer resignations by engaging with Corporates HR and implement collection
actions or the escalations of collection actions in order to reduce risk and losses.
*Obtain and negotiate 3rd party settlement when required and or follow up with creditors for
discounted settlements.
*Assist with identifying operational gaps, communicate findings to enhance operations and future
*Assist with the effective execution of rehabilitation campaigns/pilots.
*Effectively resolving queries and complaints within agreed processes and timelines from all
Stakeholders, CRM’s, Corporates or Employees.
*Ensure after sales support or additional financial support and the continuation of customer relations
and customer experience.
*Ensure that all registers, enrolment registrations and evaluations forms are correctly completed
and submitted for safe keeping in line with Bayport policy and procedures.
*Daily engage with on-site Corporate representatives, Corporate Relation Managers and MS
Operational coaches providing assistance, information, feedback, insights/learnings to support the
establishment of sustainable corporate relations whiles offering Money Solutions.
*Engage with creditors to stabilise consumer indebtedness and negotiated discount settlements.
*Effectively monitor and follow up on all matters handed to 3rd parties.
*Effective engagement with operations to ensure customer resolution and customer satisfaction.


Quality Management
The ability to implement a process that forces the individual to
constantly and consistently check the quality of the work outputs
undertaken. It includes self -checks and the checking of others work.

Computer Literacy
Demonstrate the required knowledge and skills associated with
operating a Personal Computer.

Use of Specific Operational IT Systems
Demonstrates the successful use of internal proprietary systems that
enable business operations.

Client Service + Client Interaction, Handling & Education
(telephonic & face to face)
Demonstrates the ability to telephonically deal with clients and
handle the diverse spectrum of client interactions effectively. In
addition, is able to deal with a variety of client types and moods.
Delivers a positive client service experience

Language proficiency: English and Local
Communicates clearly and concisely in English. This includes both
the verbal and written mediums. African Language will be an
Communicates clearly and concisely in any additional required
language. This includes both the verbal and written mediums.

The ability to conduct a training session using the various facilitation
styles, lecture approach, high involvement facilitation, action learning
(to name but a few). The ability to interpret and adhere to the
programme structure. The ability to engage with and transfer
knowledge to learners in a variety of settings.
 Accuracy/Attention to detail
The ability to calculate and complete any and all work at an
acceptable level of accuracy. Be able to consistently pay attention to
the detail of the work completed.

Demonstrate the associated behaviour, knowledge and
understanding of the values and principles that drive the motivation
of employees. High focus of motivating financial distress employees
to change behaviour and implement financial disciplines.

The ability to discuss with the intent of convincing the other party to
agree. The ability to change another’s decision and obtain settlement
from retailers before consolidation of debt.

Providing constructive feedback
Demonstrate the ability to communicate in a manner which alerts a
person to an area of performance which could be improved. One way
to achieve the best quality results wanted and needed is to express
constructive feedback to workers, staff, learners, leaders and
managers as well as positive feedback the distress consultation
even if the outcome is not feasible.

Demonstrate the ability to plan and draft meaningful reports that
require submission. Ensure that the reports will contain commentary
and input that will add value to the target audience. Includes
reporting to external parties as well.

Service Management Processes
Demonstrate the ability to plan, implement and manage all processes
that facilitate good client service. Ensure that all processes have a
positive impact on client experience.

Credit & Credit Policy
Demonstrate an ability to implement all credit evaluations and
process against the guidelines housed within the credit policy. Have
a required skills and knowledge in terms of Credit as a discipline.

The ability to engage directly with individuals or audiences and
inspire in them the desire to improve or perform better. Specific
the ability to motive employees with financial problems and in

Decision Making
Demonstrate the capacity to Identify and understand issues,
problems, and opportunities; financial distress, comparing data
from different sources to draw conclusions; using effective
approaches for choosing a course of action or developing
appropriate solutions; taking action that is consistent with
available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

Relationship and Employer management
Demonstrate the ability to maintain and mine stakeholder
relationships. Ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial.
In addition the relationship is maintained over the required period
of time. Demonstrate the ability to engage with all employers in
such a manner that the relationship with the organization is health
and mutually beneficial.

Self-management & Internal Locus
The individuals drive is internally motivated. The ability to manage
ones emotions, time and professionalism. Having empathy with
employees and customer’s whiles making solid financial
evaluation and decisions.

Demonstrate the ability to ask a selection of specific questions;
questions that will elicit relevant information and ensure that we
manage risk when granting loans.

Demonstrate the ability to engage stakeholders with the purpose
of providing consultative support. The ability to effectively interact
in such a manner that the internal and external stakeholders find
value in the interaction.

Demonstrate the ability to apply, administer and manage the
process of recovering any amounts owed from its clients. This
includes the payroll collections.

Emotional Intelligence
The ability and insight into one’s own emotional state and drivers.
Demonstrate empathy and associated behaviour and knowledge to
employees in distress whiles supporting them.

Brand Management
Demonstrate the ability to manage all activities associated with
the promotion of the company’s brand. 
Requirements for the Role:

*Matric Qualification or relevant NQF Level 4 qualification

Preferred: Diploma in Credit Management /Business Management /Marketing Management / T2 /
NQF level 6.

*Must have a vehicle and valid driver licence.
*Willing to work outside normal working hours.


*Minimum of 2 years’ Experience as a financial wellness consultant/coach.
*Minimum 1 years’ Experience in a training, coaching environment, credit vetting, debt counselling
*Experience in organising and scheduling of training and coaching activities.

*SaDebt Counselling, Debt Administration Process understanding
*National Credit Act (NCA) basic knowledge.
*Experience in liaising with external service providers and 3rd party management.
*Debt Rehabilitation and Debt Counselling/consultation experience / knowledge.les, Marketing and Finance Industry

*Credit assessment and evaluation
*Financial Wellness training and resolution
*Customer Experience and Service
*Basic Coaching and Mentoring
*Advance Presentation Skills
*Basic financial Literacy
*Event planning
*Knowledge on how to manage and establish corporate relations.
*Passion and desire to assist people in financial distress

Job Closing Date 19/02/2020
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