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Head: Legal Services

Company Technology Innovation Agency
Reference # TIA 12/07/2020
Published 22/07/2020
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) is a talent driven, customer- centric and impact focused organisation. In our endeavour to support technology innovation with socio-economic outcomes; we seek to infuse the organisation with team players that find resonance as value creators, agile thinkers, progressive attitudes, customer-centricity, dynamic work ethic and an optimistic disposition. We aim to harness these attributes in a manner that they culminate into a culture of teamwork, impact and accountability. In executing its mandate, the organisation provides funding and non-funding support to stimulate innovation so that it provides a catalytic impact to the economy whilst improving people's lives and protecting the environment.

The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) is a public entity that is established by and derives its mandate from legislation. It must accordingly carry out its daily operations in a manner that complies with all laws and regulations applicable to public entities, while at the same time achieving the objectives set for it by the legislature. A legal support function is key to ensuring that compliance is achieved, that risks are managed and that the aforesaid occurs without hampering the achievement of the goals for which TIA has been established. It follows that Legal Services must execute its function with due care, a customer service orientation and must strike a healthy balance between being a manager of risk, an advisor and an enabler of business.
This position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for managing all staff in the Legal Services Business Unit.

Purpose of the Position
The purpose of this position will be to support the various TIA Business Units with regards to legal matters as and when required. This will include, but is not limited to:
•Drafting of Legal opinions;
•Drafting of Legal contracts;
•Ensuring TIA’s interests are protected in third party contracts;
•Conducting Legal due diligence; and
•Ensuring that Intellectual Property is protected or appropriately managed.
Job Functions Investments
Industries Science & Technology
Financial Management
•Prepare informed and accurate budgets and forecasts for the Legal Services Business Unit for Exco and Board approval;
•Manage and report on performance against budget on a monthly basis;
•Provide assistance in the collection of monies due to TIA; and
•Procure, manage and supervise third- party contractors or service providers.

Strategic Management
•Contribute to the development and drive the implementation of the organisation’s Five –Year strategic plans, vision and goals;
•Develop an annual operational plan and set clear direction and objectives for the Business Unit;
•Ensure the values, vision, mission and strategy is articulated within the Business Unit;
•Define, drive and report on performance of the Business Unit;
•Drive a culture of professionalism, delivery, efficiency and urgency in the organisation;
•Identify risks and take action to mitigate them; and
•Ensure organisational compliance with legislation as appropriate.

Operations Management
•Oversee all operational and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy of the
•Follow operational procedures, policies and standards;
•Develop and implement work plans to guide the implementation of projects;
•Ensure communication, knowledge sharing and interdependence across Business Units to maximise efficiency in the organisation;
•Apply forward-thinking to re-imagine organisational processes in line with client requirements to create value within specified time periods;
•Contribute to the negotiation of contracts with stakeholders.
•Assist in producing reports that clearly explain key due diligence findings (as it relates to legal matters) and recommendations to the client,
ensuring compliance with organisation standards, frameworks and policies;
•Manage risks to the Agency and Investee by adhering to the risk management policies and procedures and ensuring significant risks are
•Perform detailed analyses to evaluate potential deal breakers and/or contract negotiating points;
•Review and ensure that all TIA legal instruments/commitments are legally compliant;
•Ensure that contract management is integrated into the Fund Management System;
•Provide access to additional legal resources through procurement processes as required and in cases of litigation;
•Review Standard Operating Procedures of the Legal Business Unit in consultation with the team members;
•Monitor the turnaround times of legal processes closely and provide continuous feedback to all stakeholders on their projects; and
•Identify root causes of delays in the in the legal processes and implement measures to address the delays.

Governance, Risk Management and Management Reporting
•Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the performance of the Business Unit;
•Conduct risk assessment and update risk matrix for the Business Unit as well as for each Investment application. Submit monthly and
quarterly risk reports;
•Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the performance of the Business Unit;
•Participate in feedback sessions with the Department of Science and Innovation;
•Oversee annual audit exercises and prepare responses to close audit findings;
•Ensure compliance with applicable legislation as required; and
•Ensure compliance with regards to the implementation of policies and procedures.

Stakeholder Management
•Identify, build and nurture trust and collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders;
•Interact closely with the CEO, Executive Management, Board, Government officials, the public and other stakeholders in maintaining
positive relationships for the organisation;
•Engage with industry stakeholders to position the organisation strategically;
•Lead conversations with industry around issues and specialisation; and
•Maintain active communication with both internal and external stakeholders to manage expectations.

People Management
•Initiate change initiatives required to enhance the Business Unit’s effectiveness;
•Create a supportive learning environment;
•Coach and mentor people to achieve higher performance;
•Ensure general discipline and compliance in the areas of responsibility and ensure corrective action is taken on all misconduct incidents;
•Ensure adherence to all HR policies, procedures and requirements to ensure sound people practices;
•Ensure key roles are staffed with appropriately experienced employees; and
•Identify competency-gaps of team members and ensure that appropriate training interventions are implemented.
Minimum Requirements
•LLB Degree or equivalent qualification;
•Admitted Attorney;
•8 – 10 years’ post admission experience in a Commercial law environment;
•Experience in negotiating and drafting of contracts;
•Experience in Legal research and drafting of opinions;
•Experience in leading negotiations on complex, high value agreements;
•Experience in conducting and / or co-ordinating due diligence investigations;
•At least 5 years’ experience at a senior management level;
•Strong leadership capabilities are key to optimising the performance of the Business Unit and building credibility across the organisation;
•In-depth knowledge of relevant corporate governance and risk management legislation, codes and regulatory requirements that may impact
TIA’s operations; and
•A broad understanding of the financial services / investment industry would be advantageous.

Technical Skills / Competencies:
•Business acumen
•Commercial decision making
•Communication – written and verbal
•Financial budgeting and reporting
•Judgment and decision-making
•Interactive Communication
•Interpersonal Skills
•Leading and managing change
•Relationship building
•Presentation Skills
•Results orientated
•Customer Centricity
•Impact and Influence
•Performance orientated

NB: Preference will be given to Employment Equity candidates.
Job Closing Date 07/08/2020
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