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Administrator: FBI

Company City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd
Reference # VM14
Published 25/09/2020
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd is a residential and commercial property management company that has been operating since 1968 with their headquarters in Pretoria and a supporting office in Johannesburg. City Property transforms buildings and injects fresh vitality into our inner cities. We provide sophisticated, modern and cosmopolitan retail spaces, offices, warehouses and apartments that ensure that those who live and work in the CBD enjoy the best South Africa’s cities have to offer.

The FBI Department in Pretoria has a position for an Administrator: FBI. If you believe you meet the requirements for this position, then please send through your CV.
Job Functions Administration
Industries Facilities & Property Management
•Keep filing up to date and accurate according to the four-point check to ensure that all documentation relevant to the tenant is present in the file.
•Sort documents according to building, unit number and tenant code.
•Remove 3rd old tenant file and send to archives as soon as new tenant file is filed.
•Note the vacated date on the front of file as per MDA.
•Sort the files according to Building Names and send the files to Archives.
•Allocate a bay and shelf number from the destroyed list.
•Empty internal envelopes and sort alphabetically by building name.
•Acknowledge receipt of documents received via hand, i.e. tenant leases, TDL and deposit refunds and ensure that the relevant tenant information is correct.
•Check that invoices received by hand from Creditors are signed for and correctly sorted by building name and month.
•Hand the leases and deposit refunds to the scanner for priority scanning.
•Hand the invoices to scanners to scan according to month and alphabet letter
•Provide friendly, professional service to all stakeholders timeously.
•Action requests received in FBI e-mail inbox as quickly as possible on a daily basis.
•Request from customers to sign the slip-book, noting all details of files, documents etc. removed from FBI and update the control spreadsheet accordingly.
•Transfer the e-mail from the inbox to the relevant folder once the request has been completed.
•Bind the meeting packs as priority within the deadline given upon receipt or alternatively oversee that the binding is done by the relevant FBI Administrator.
•Ensure that the binding is correct and neatly done.
•If required, deliver meeting packs and ensure acknowledgement of receipt is obtained.
•Scanning, indexing to and checking of invoices on Docuware.
•Check that all index fields are captured correctly by the OCR Program and make correction where applicable.
•Ensure the smooth flow of documentation by relieving or assisting when co-workers are absent.
•Apply the correct use of separation pages by inserting bar code separation sheets between each invoice pack when prepping for scanning.
•Remove the staple and/or paperclip without damaging the document.
•Scanning of invoices:
oChoose correct allocation destination for scans (i.e. Invoices)
oFeed the documents in the scanner.
oCreate folders for the scanned documents on T Drive.
oAllocate the scanned documents to the correct folder on T Drive.
oMake note on the front of the invoice pack and place on the “to be indexed” table.
•Scanning of Commercial and Residential documents:
•Index and upload the scanned information to SharePoint.
•Receive packs back after indexing and place on “to be sorted” shelve.
•Identify new handed over cases on the new legal spreadsheet and update the FBI spreadsheet accordingly.
•Amend the destroy date on the spreadsheet if files become active again.
•Open correct spreadsheet (i.e ex-tenants, legal) for capturing the assigned bay and shelf number.
•Capture municipal and voucher files (i.e. repairs and maintenance invoices) according to financial year end dates.
•Action building name change and building sold notifications.
•Print and action monthly destroy lists in line with the document retention policy
•Check the files received and acknowledge receipt of files form credit control.
•Check and remove any loose documents pertaining to files from filing cabinets and file correctly.
•Use MDA to verify tenant information and establish status of tenant (i.e. ex-tenant or current tenant).
•Hand to FBI Filing Clerk for filing if current or assign a bay and shelf number and send to archives when applicable.
•Matric qualification required.
•1 - 2 years’ experience in office administration preferred.
•MS Office Skills required
oMS Word – Basic
oMS Excel – Basic
oMS Outlook - Basic
oMS SharePoint - Basic
•Advanced knowledge of MDA System preferred.
•Knowledge of the Docuware system preferred
•Excellent telephone etiquette.
Job Closing Date 30/09/2020
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