South Africa

Sales Team Lead - A&G Australia

Company Auto & General Australia
Reference # AG3/17/1220
Published 12/01/2021
Contract Type Permanent
Location Dainfern, Gauteng, South Africa

Connect with the customer and consultant, conduct needs analysis and propose
solutions and benefits to the customer and consultant. Need a solid knowledge
of products, their characteristics, and market as well as focus on growth of the
brand. Ensure consultants are performing against targets, while reviewing their
performance and coaching them to do so to assist in achieving the required
sales and operational results.
Job Functions Sales
Industries Insurance

Operations Management

Provide operational support services and sometimes act as first-line supervisor
of a transactional operations area. Involves using existing systems and

Performance Management

Develop and propose own performance objectives; take appropriate actions to
ensure achievement of agreed objectives, using the organization's performance
management systems to improve personal performance.

Manage and report on team performance; set appropriate performance
objectives for direct reports or project / account team members and hold them
accountable for achieving these, taking appropriate corrective action where
necessary to ensure the achievement of team / personal objectives.

Customer Management (External)

Help manage clients by carrying out standard activities and providing support to
Manage customer queries and complaints and resolve these, referring complex
issues to others and ensuring that the customer receives an appropriate

Operational Compliance

Identify, within the team, instances of non-compliance with the organization's
policies and procedures and/or relevant regulatory codes and codes of conduct,
reporting these and escalating issues as appropriate.
Leadership and Direction

Explain the local action plan to support team members in their understanding of
what needs to be done and and how this relates to the broader business plan
and the organization's strategy, mission and vision; motivate people to achieve
local business goals.

Capability Building

Use the organization's formal development framework to identify the team's
individual development needs. Plan and implement actions to build their
capabilities. Provide training or coaching in own area of expertise to enable
others to improve performance and fulfill personal potential.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Data

Monitor team members' use of the customer relationship management system,
identifying and resolving standard issues and escalating these to a senior
manager as appropriate.

Insights and Reporting

Extract and combine data to generate standard reports.
Identify gaps and suggest improvements to achieve targets and goals.

Work Scheduling and Allocation

Develop short- or medium-term work schedules in order to achieve planned
commitments. Approve overtime or use additional resources as needed.

Personal Capability Building

Keep abreast with current changes in internal policies and procedures, external
regulations which is facilitated by the online training system and tracked by a
formal assessment.
Keep up to date with business products and keep abreast of changes in the
insurance industry, including competitor products.
Gain or maintain external professional accreditation where relevant to improve
performance and fulfill personal potential. Maintain an understanding of relevant
technology, and industry best practices through ongoing education, attending
conferences, and reading specialist media.

Direct Sales

Provide guidance when required to maximize the volume and value of direct
Learning and Talent Development

Proactive development of employees. Identify and motivate employees to learn,
grow and develop so that they can obtain the knowledge and experience they
need to help the organization reach its goals.

Customer Service Delivery

Use comprehensive knowledge and skills while guiding and training others on
meeting high customer service standards.

Verbal and written Communication

Apply comprehensive knowledge while providing guidance and training to others
to use clear and effective verbal and written communication skills to express
ideas, request actions and formulate plans or policies.
Proficient in any of the South African languages, in addition to English.

Action Planning and Work Scheduling

Provide guidance when required to develop appropriate plans or perform
necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.


Provide guidance when required to achieve full compliance with applicable rules
and regulations in management and/or operations.
Policy and procedures
Provide guidance when required to monitor, interpret and understand policies
and procedures, while making sure they match objectives.

Computer and System skills

Support business processes by understanding and effectively using standard
office equipment and standard software packages, while providing technical
guidance as needed.
AS 400.; Apollo.; IEX.; Datanet/POM Dialer.; Nice.; Proficient in MS Office..

Customer and Market Analysis

Conduct research and analyzes data in order to develop a comprehensive
understanding of customer and market conditions that enables maximum return
on investments.
Knowledge of competitors.
Create relevant, lucid and effective reports.

General Education
Matric / Grade 12 or SAQA Accredited Equivalent (Essential); Regulatory Exam
5, dependent on DOFA date (Essential);
Full 150 STI credits, dependent on DOFA date (Essential); CPD hours
(Essential); Class of Business Certificate (Advantageous); Degree and/or
diploma in business/marketing

General Experience
5 or more years sales experience (Essential); Experience in Financial Services
Industry (Advantageous)
Managerial Experience
3 or more years sales experience in a leadership role (Essential)


Telephone system

SAQA Accredited Equivalent - It is the onus of the applicant to provide TIH and
its subsidiaries with certified evidence that their qualification(s) meet the
equivalent NQF level required for this role at time of application. As a registered
Financial Service Provider, we are mandated to ensure that all our
representatives are and remain fit and proper at all times. By applying for this
role, you consent to having your relevant qualification and or accreditation or
confirm that you are working towards meeting the competency requirements.
You further consent to the relevant information being verified.
Job Closing Date 21/01/2021
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