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Senior Officer: Environment Compliance

Reference # SU-VAC-170
Published 12/05/2022
Contract Type Permanent
Location Swakopmund, Erongo Region, Namibia
To coordinate the activities and processes related to the compliance and legal monitoring of environmental impacts and verifying that environmental impacts are kept to a minimum during all stages of mine operations and effectively implementing the Environmental Management System.

Job Functions Environmental Services
Industries Mining
Key Performance Areas:
•Review and approve SU Departments/Sections and Contactors/Business Partners’ Mini Environmental Management Plan (EMPs)/SOP’S.
•Review work activities with Contractors and Swakop Uranium (SU) End User Departments (EUDs) to determine potential environmental impacts and to determine how they intend to manage these.
•Coordinate the implementation of legislative requirements for a particular construction and operations activities/works, and confirm that appropriate environmental permissions and permits have been obtained.
•Coordinate the implementation and enforcement of the conditions of the EMP, Mini EMP’s and all applicable environmental procedures in designated area.
•Oversee the implementation of the environmental permit register and schedule(s).
•Liaise with the relevant authorities, such as Wildlife and National Parks, on a regular basis and maintain good working relations.
•Regularly review and update environmental procedures and work instructions to legislative and best practice standards.
•Provide relevant reports to government with regards to permit conditions or reportable incidents. Liaise with external Auditors and Government officials and coordinate site visits.
•Investigate best practices in respect of environmental aspects and ensure minimization/mitigation of aspects/impacts in line with EMP and procedural requirements.
•Regularly review and update the Environmental Aspect and Impact Register and oversee implementation into area baselines risk assessments.
•Attend work risk assessment, chemical approvals and SOP review sessions and provide input on environmental aspects/impacts.
•Coordinate the implementation of environmental technical standards, guidelines, procedures and formal regulations that meet all appropriate requirements.
•Draft the compliance audit schedules and coordinate internal audits.
•Write up reports of non-conforming events or areas of concern and liaise with identified personnel to ensure corrective action is implemented.
•Undertake site inspections in order to monitor environmental performance and conformance with EMP’s, Contractor Mini EMPs and relevant legal conditions.
•Record and communicate findings and attend scheduled environmental meetings, forums or departmental areas SSHERQ meetings as required.
•Implement control measures from a point of authority invested in allocated area, over any activity which is contradictory to the Contractors/Business Partners Mini EMP’s and the EMP through the appropriate site management structures.
•Report, manage and action all environmental incidences which may occur within designated area of responsibility.
•Notify line manager immediately in the event of any accident or infringements of the EMP and environmental requirements and ensure appropriate remedial action requirements are communicated to and taken by the responsible party.
•Take part in environmental audits of other Contractor or SU departmental areas when required.
•Liaise with consultants on a regular basis and provide information as required for official - reporting (annual, bi-annual, quarterly, and monthly), EIA’s etc. and review such reports for final approval.
•Coordinate the waste water and effluent systems compliance as per required permitting conditions.
•Issue a notification of non-compliance in conjunction with the Environment Superintendent in the event of failure to comply with the EMP, records the noncompliance and reports incident at management meetings and/or weekly/monthly reports.
•Compile and provide environmental performance criteria information for weekly and monthly reports, as required by management.
•Coordinate the rehabilitation of areas affected by Contactor or operational activities taking place; to restore the area to an agreed upon state at the end of the contract or agreed upon time-frame.
•Inspect the area and advise the Contractor/business partner/SU Department on specific clean-up procedures to be followed.
•Ensure that accurate and detailed records of all site activities concerning the environment, e.g. site inspections, audit reports and registers, photographic records, incident register, training records, MSDS, Waste Management, etc. are maintained.
•Co-ordinate the implementation of the environmental awareness programme.
•Coordinate environmental awareness campaigns and training opportunities to the Contractors and SU, in order for them to be fully aware of and understand the environmental requirements as well as their environmental responsibilities while working for or on the project to improve environmental performance.
•Communicate and liaise with the Line Supervisor on a regular basis, to ensure effective, proactive environmental management with the overall objective of preventing or reducing negative environmental impacts while enhancing positive impacts.
•Conduct awareness training regarding the Waste Management and Hazardous Materials Disposal systems and monitor adherence thereto on a regular basis.

Requirements and experience:
•BSc/BTech/BA Degree in Environment Management or Natural Sciences. A Honours Degree or equivalent will be an added advantage.
•5 years’ relevant experience of which 2 years should have been in a supervisory role.
•Sound knowledge and experience in the application of ISO 14001.
•Environmental Management information systems experience.
•Experience in environmental technical standards, guidelines, policies and formal regulations.
•Experience in incident management.
•Stakeholder relationship management.
•ISO 14001 Internal Auditors certification will be an added advantage
•ISO 14001 Lead Auditor certification will be an added advantage.
•Valid Code B/BE Driver’s License.

Job Closing Date 26/05/2022
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